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Genus: Lethogoleos, Forgetful Snake Eel, Snake-eels

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elongate (depth ~3.3% TL); tail 54% TL, tip blunt
eye near snout tip, protrudes above
D origin well behind pectorals
snout long, straight, overhanging, tip curved down
mouth long
teeth long, conical, 3 rows above, 2 rows below, vomer 1 row large
pectorals large, narrow base



Moderately elongate (body depth 3-3.3% TL), cylindrical at front, compressed behind; tail 54% TL; head elongate ~11.5% of TL; snout long (13-15% of head), straight, overhanging pointed tip curved down; eye well developed, near tip of snout, protruding above top head profile; front nostril a short tube; rear nostril at edge of lip, covered with a flap; mouth elongate; lips without barbels; teeth elongate, conical, pointed, depressible, in 3 rows on top jaws, 2 rows on bottom jaws; vomer with 1 row of large teeth; gill opening a crescent; dorsal fin origin well behind pectoral fins; pectorals well developed, base opposite top half of gill opening; tail tip blunt, no fin.

A Greater Caribbean genus with one species.