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Genus: Eridacnis, Finback Cat Shark, Ribbontail Cat Sharks

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small, slender
D1 short, base nearer pelvic than pectoral
C no lower lobe, = long ribbon
teeth very small, similar on both jaws, with multiple points
rear teeth = combs
A present



Head and snout narrowly rounded; eyes elongate, cat-like; nostrils without barbells or grooves, front flaps small, well before mouth; mouth long, angular, arched, reaches forward past eyes; inside mouth and edges of gill arches with papillae; teeth small, with sharp, narrow points, often side points, similar on both jaws, rear teeth like combs; lip furrows short to absent; gill slits 5, last two over pectoral bases; papillae on gill arches and palate; dorsal fins small, without spines; 1st dorsal short based, origin over to slightly behind free rear tip of pectorals, but base nearer pelvics than pectorals; 2nd dorsal nearly as large as 1st dorsal; anal fin present; tail fin long, narrow and ribbon-like, without a strong lower lobe, no undulations along top edge.

Three species; one in the Greater Caribbean.