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Genus: Centroscymnus, Dogfish Shark, Velvet Dogfishes Sharks

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snout short
D1&2: short spines
teeth: top = needles; bottom = blades + oblique tips
lip furrows short
pectoral: free rear tip rounded
flank denticles large, crowns- smooth, round, like scales
no A



Body cylindrical, fusiform; eyes on side of head, without nictitating membranes; spiracles large, just behind eyes; snout short, flattened, rounded from above, length < distance between levels of center of mouth & pectoral origins, without barbels; mouth short, nearly transverse; top teeth narrow, needle-like, without secondary cusplets, non-overlapping; bottom teeth large, blade-like, interlocking, with low, oblique points; gill slits 5, all before pectoral fin; 2 dorsal fins, each with a small, grooved, protruding spine; 1st dorsal </= 2nd dorsal, 1st may have long base extending forwards; origin of 1st dorsal well behind pectoral fin base, but nearer pectoral base than pelvic base; no anal fin; pectorals with short, broadly rounded free rear tips that end well before 1st dorsal spine; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, upper lobe with deep notch under tip, lower lobe short but well developed; no keels or pits before base of tail fin; skin denticles with low, stalked, flat, oval crowns that are ridged to smooth, with or without points; cloaca without a luminous gland.

A tropical to temperate genus found in all 3 oceans; 2 species, both in the Greater Caribbean.