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Genus: Centrodraco, Draconetts

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large eyes
D III + 13-15
opercle & subopercle: 1 large spine
preopercle no spine
LL 2 parts
A 0, 12-14



Body elongate, rounded; head large; snout pointed; eyes very large; top jaw protractile; teeth in jaws small, slender, fine, in narrow bands;  preopercle without a spine; opercle and subopercle each with a strong, simple, back-pointing spine; gill opening wide; two dorsal fins,  III (stout, strong, sharp) + 14 (13-15) (the last ray divided at its base); anal fin with long base, 0, 13 (12–14) (the last ray divided at its base), pectoral fin large, rounded; pelvic fin I, 5, long, pointed, extends past anal fin origin; caudal fin truncate; lateral line present, grooved, in two separate parts that overlap under 2nd dorsal fin; scales absent.

A genus in all three oceans, with 11 species; a North Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.