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Genus: Astyanax, Characins, Tetra, Tetras

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body deep, very compressed
upper & lower body profiles convex
D origin before A origin
adipose D present
C forked, naked
end of tail base: rhomboidal black blotch
premaxilla teeth - 2 rows, inner row 5 teeth, none external
maxilla teeth: 3 points, center point large, robust
A < 42
scales large, smooth



Body deep, usually >1/3 SL, highly compressed, upper and lower profiles convex, lower profile more strongly so; nape convex or straight; premaxillary teeth in 2 rows, inner row with 5 teeth, none of teeth external; teeth on maxilla with 3 points, center point large and robust, but not greatly elongated; dorsal fin origin before anal fin origin; an adipose dorsal fin present; anal fin with less than 42 rays; tail fin forked, naked; lateral line complete; scales smooth, large; end of tail base with a rhomboidal black blotch.

Central to South America; ~140 species, the richest genus in the family.