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Genus: Chlamydoselachus, Frill Shark, Frilled Sharks

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body eel-like
1 low D, behind pelvics
mouth very long, opens at front
teeth: 3 large points
6 gill slits





Elongated eel–shaped body, with a pair of longitudinal keels on ventral surface of belly; head flattened; snout extremely short; eyes over mid-mouth; a prominent horizontal groove above the upper lip extends below the nostrils and eyes to the cheek; mouth long, terminal, teeth and mouth edges exposed when mouth is closed; teeth alike in both jaws, widespaced, with three cusps and two cusplets on crown; 19-30 upper teeth rows, 21-29 lower teeth rows; six gill slits, all before pectorals, lower ends of 1st pair connected under throat; septa between gills enlarged and frilly; pectoral fins rounded and much smaller than pelvic fins; pelvic fins with broadly rounded margin; dorsal fin very low, rounded, and elongated, at rear of body, its insertion just before upper caudal–fin origin; anal fin broad–based and rounded, larger than dorsal fin, its insertion at the lower caudal–fin origin; tail base very short and compressed; tail fin with a vestigial subterminal notch, no lower lobe; lateral trunk denticles with spike–like crowns.

A circumglobal genus with two species; one in the W Atlantic.