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Genus: Chaunax, Frogmouths, Gaper, Gapers

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body + dense fine denticles
upper body sensory canal: to base C, 29+ pits
lure spine short
A 7, (6-7)



Body rounded, slightly compressed, tapering to a small, rounded tail; head large, globular, cuboid; eyes high on side of head, covered with a clear skin window; mouth large, strongly oblique to ~vertical; teeth small, slender, sharp; gill opening small; dorsal fin in 2 parts: 1st is a single spine modified as a relatively short (3.3-6.6% SL) angling lure in a scaleless, oval depression on snout, lure is a dense cluster of short threads like a short mop,2nd & 3rd spines not externally visible; soft dorsal on rear of body, 10-12; anal fin 0, 7 (6-7); pectorals behind mid-body, 10-15; skin very loose, flaccid, covered with minute spine-like denticles, those fine and densely packed; single open lateral line from base of tail fin to head, with prominent canals, & connections to branches under eye, to chin along lower side of body to above pectoral base, main part on upper body with 29-42 pores, continues with 11 (10-13) on head. aA

A worldwide, tropical to temperate genus with 15 species; 3 in the Greater Caribbean