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Genus: Schroederobatis, Skate-leg, Skate-leg, Spineless Skates, Smooth Leg Skates, American Leg Skate

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disc heart-shaped
snout long, with filament
tail thin, no Ds
pelvics: front lobe separate, = leg



Disc heart–shaped, slightly wider than long to longer than wide, with convex rear edges, with free rear tips ending behind pelvic-fin origin; disc front edges straight, or slightly undulating due to slight indentations on side of snout and behind eyes, rounded tips of pectorals; snout very long, tip sharply pointed and with a filament and a support cartilage; pelvic front lobes slender, leg–like, distinctly separate from rear lobes; tail very slender, almost whip–like, longer to shorter than disc length; dorsal fins and lateral tail folds absent; upper and lower caudal fins very small, membranous; skin of disc smooth, without thorns, on upper and lower surfaces.

Note: Distinguished from Springeria by differences in the internal stucture of the male sex organ.

A Greater Caribbean genus with one endemic species.