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Genus: Deania, Arrowhead Dogfish Shark, Arrowhead Dogfishes Sharks

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very long, flat snout
D1 long & low, like a keel
D2 spine ~2X D1 spine
teeth: top triangular, bottom oblique blades
flank denticles: on stalks, forked



Body cylindrical to compressed; snout extremely long, broad, flattened, like a spatula, length before mouth >1/2 head length; no nictitating eyelids; eyes huge, green to yellow; spiracles present, large, just behind eye; lip furrows long; upper & teeth blade-like, without secondary cusplets; upper teeth with erect, triangular cusps, narrower bases; lower teeth much larger than upper teeth, overlapping, broad bases, oblique cusps; tooth rows: 22-36 upper, 24-33 lower; five gill slits, all before pectoral fin; two dorsal fins with large grooved spines, 2nd fin spine much larger, usually 2X 1st ; 2nd dorsal about same size or slightly larger than 1st; pectoral free rear tips narrow, angular to round, not elongated; no anal fin; tail base without keels; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, upper lobe with strong notch under tip; skin surface very rough, skin denticles large, ~erect, narrow star-shaped bases, tips on a long stalk, like 3-pointed pitchforks.

A genus with 4 species, worldwide in tropical to temperate areas.