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Genus: Megachasma, Megamouth Shark

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head very long
snout very short, wide & flat
C long top lobe, bottom lobe short & strong
mouth very large & long, opens at front
teeth very small, many rows





Body cylindrical, somewhat compressed, robust, tapering to rear; head bulbous, wide & very long; snout very short, flattened, broad, rounded; eyes moderately large; mouth very large, opens at front of head, extends behind eyes; gill openings 5, moderately long, last 2 over pectoral base; gill rakers = finger-like papillae; teeth very small, narrow and hooked, smooth edges, > 85-100 rows on each jaw; 2 relatively low , angular dorsal fins; 1st dorsal fin origin nearer pectoral bases than pelvics; 2nd dorsal < 1/2 size of 1st dorsal, midway between pelvics and anal fins; pectorals large, long and narrow; pelvics moderate sized; anal fin smaller than 2nd dorsal; tail fin with long upper lobe, lower lobe short, strong; tail base compressed, without keels.

A genus with a single species