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Genus: Dorosoma, Shad Herring, Shads

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notch between top jaws
D last ray filamentous
belly - row scutes
pelvic I,7
A long base



Body deep, compressed; snout projecting, rounded; mouth short, opens at front, with a deep central notch between front of upper jaws, lower jaw enclosed by upper when mouth is closed; last dorsal fin ray long, filamentous in adults; anal fin base longer than head, its origin just behind base of last dorsal ray; pelvic fins on the abdomen below the dorsal fin, i,7; a forked tail fin; scales large (< 50 in lateral series), regularly arranged; dark spot behind gill opening in most species; ventral profile strongly convex, with a fully scuted keel, no W shaped scute before pelvics.

A tropical to temperate genus that occurs on western Atlantic, the Mediterranean and eastern Tropical Pacific; with 5 species of primarily freshwater fishes that, in some cases at least, breed in marine habitats. One NW Atlantic and one endemic occur in the Greater Caribbean.