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Genus: Verilus, Ocean Bass

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body depth 33-37% SL
D1&2 almost separate
fin spines smooth
scales rough at front, smooth behind
preoperculum smooth
A III, 7
LL 42-48



Body oblong, compressed, elongate, depth 32.6-36.8% SL; eye huge, 11.3-14.5% SL, longer than snout; broad and flat between eyes; mouth large, rear bone of top jaw expanded at rear & largely exposed when mouth is closed, oblique, ends under pupil; top jaws with pair of large front canines followed by band of fine, elongate teeth; lower jaws with a pair of large front canines, mid-side with 12-14 small canines, patches of fine elongate teeth behind and before those small canines; fine elongate teeth on center and sides of palate, rear of center with conical teeth; lower gill rakers 14-17; preopercle with smooth, weak, flexible edge; rear of opercle 2 weak spines, membranous edge; gill membranes separate, free from underside of head; dorsal fin IX + I, 9-10, 2 sections almost separate, last 2 spines very small; anal fin III, 7 rays; tail fin forked; pectorals longer than pelvics, 15; lateral line continuous, 42-45 tubed scales; scales smooth on body behind level of 1st dorsal fin, weakly rough over entire head and front body; fin bases scaled on soft parts.

A west-Atlantic genus with two species, both in the Greater Caribbean.