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Genus: Chrionema, Scalychin Flathead, Duckbills

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top jaw: no rear tentacle





Head depressed; eye large, above, close-set; lower jaw strongly projecting; rear of top jawbone without a tentacle; jaw teeth simple; teeth present on center and sides of roof of mouth; opercle with 2 spines; two dorsal fins, VI (front spines crowded) + 14-18; anal fin 0, 18-25; pectoral fin long and wide, 22-30 rays; pelvic fins I, 5, under operculum, wide between those fins; tail fin with 10-11 branched rays; scales rough on head and body; lateral line arched at front; a spine at front of lateral line, first few lateral line scales with a prominent keel; lateral line 50-87 scales.

A genus  from the W Atlantic and W Pacific, with 4 species, one in the NW Atlantic.