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Genus: Grammicolepis, Thorny Tinselfish, Tinselfish

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adult: oval
D: 39-41, base - 34-36 spines
C long, forked
juv: spiny scutes on body





Body strongly compressed, oval in adult, diamond-shaped in juvenile, body depth much greater than head length; eyes large; head bones soft and thin; mouth minute, top jaw length ½ of eye diameter; jaws with a few minute conical teeth, none on roof of mouth; soft rays of dorsal, anal and pectoral unbranched; dorsal fin VI-VII + 32-35, spines relatively short in adult, 1st  spine greatly elongated in juvenile; juvenile with a row of 29-34 spiny scutes at base of dorsal fin soft rays, 27 along bases of anal fin bases; anal fin II free spines + 33-35, 1st spine greatly elongated in juvenile, short in adult; pectoral fin 14-15 rays, much shorter than head; pelvics I, 6; tail fin long , bluntly forked, with longer top lobe, long in juveniles, shorter in adult; scales are vertically elongated, over most of head and body; tail fin 13 branched rays; young with ~10 widely scattered bony scutes on body and tail base.

A genus with a single circumglobal species.