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Genus: Linkenchelys, Many-pored Cutthroat Eel, Cutthroat eels

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D origin close to anus
teeth slender, sharp
center roof mouth: 1 row teeth
LL = 4-5 pores over gill area
large pectoral



Body moderately elongate, strongly compressed; head and snout moderate, pointed; tip of snout fleshy, with longitudinal folds; large eyes; front nostril tubular; rear nostril a half-moon opening just above top lip, covered from above with a skin flap; mouth ends well behind eye; top jaw projects; jaw teeth long, slender, in narrow bands, inner teeth larger; no patch of teeth between top jaws; central roof of mouth with 1 row of slender teeth; lower jaw with 2-4 rows of teeth; pectoral fin well developed; dorsal fin origin closer to anus than to gill opening; lateral line consists of 4-5 pores high above gill area.

A genus with a single species, known only from the Greater Caribbean