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Genus: Neoepinnula, Sackfish, Sackfish Snake Mackerel

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body depth ~1/4 SL
pelvics < pectorals
D & A no finlets
2LL, originate together
skin smooth, small scales, no tubercles
preopercle no spines
tail base no keels



Body moderately deep (21-24% SL), compressed; head ~1/3 of SL; narrow between eyes; no spines on lower corner of preopercle; operculum with 2 flat spines; lower jaw projecting, both jaws without skin knobs at front; top jaws with 3 pairs of fangs at front, lower jaw with 1 pair; dorsal fin XVI + I, 17-20; anal fin I+I (free spines) + I, 17-20; pectoral fins 15-16; dorsal and anal fins without rear finlets; pelvics smaller than pectorals, inserted under middle of pectorals I,5; tail forked; tail base without keels; lateral lines double, both originates at top corner of operculum, top line along upper body profile. bottom line runs down behind edge of operculum and pectoral base and continues along bottom body profiles; skin smooth, with small scales, no tubercles, no keel along belly.

A genus with two species, one W Atlantic, the other Indo-central Pacific.