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Genus: Harengula, Flatiron Herring, Flatiron Herrings

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top jaw: 3 toothed bones
rear edge gill opening - 2 fleshy lobes
full row belly scutes
A short base, origin behind D



Moderately deep bodied, upper and lower body profiles both convex; mouth short, opens at front, lower jaw a little projecting; top jaw with 3 toothed bones, no notch at center front of top jaws; operculum smooth; rear edge of gill opening on body with 2 fleshy lobes; lower gill rakers < 45; dorsal fin at about midbody; pelvic fins on the abdomen below the dorsal fin; anal fin base short (15-19 rays), origin well behind dorsal fin; a forked tail fin; a scuted keel along entire belly.

A new world genus of four species, with two endemics and one west Atlantic species in our area.