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Genus: Trachyscorpia, Thornyhead Rockfish, Thornyheads

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no pit behind eyes
preopercle: spine I longest
pectoral: top point, 21-24, top rays branch
LL complete
scales rough



Head large (47-48% SL), snout short; head bones strong with well developed spines; no pit on top of head behind eyes; eye moderately large; sides of roof of mouth with teeth; longitudinal crest under eye with many spines; preopercle with 4-5 spines, 1st spine longest & with a small supplemental spine; no slit behind last gill arch; dorsal fin XII, 9.5; anal fin III, 5; pectoral not wedge shaped, fin bilobed with longest rays at top, 21-24, upper rays branched, lower rays fleshy in large fish; scales rough; scales on cheek, and between and behind eyes; lateral line with tubed scales, complete, extending to base of tail fin.

A genus from all 3 oceans, with 7 species; 1 transatlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.