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Genus: Amblyraja, Skate, Skates, Thorny Skate

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disc rhomboidal, corners angular
snout short, firm
head thorny
disc: central row very large thorns - nape to D
tail short, stout



Body thick; disc rhomboidal to squarish, outer corners angular; tail short, stout, usually <disc length; snout not elongate, its tip firm due to broad tapering snout cartilage; frontal edge of disc straight to slightly convex; large thorns around eyes & spiracles, nape and shoulders; snout with small thorns; center of disc with a row of large thorns (with star-shaped, ribbed bases) from nape to end of disc, that continuing along tail to 1st dorsal fin; pores on underside of disc not darkly pigmented; claspers (sex organs) of mature males large, with club-shaped widened tip.

Circumglobal with 10 species; one transAtlantic species in our area.