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Genus: Centroscyllium, Combtooth Dogfish Shark, Dogfish Sharks

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both Ds with large spines
D2 larger & larger spine than D1
teeth similar both jaws: central point + 1-2 side points



Snout flattened; nasal flaps short, no barbels; lips thin, not suctorial; teeth alike on both jaws, with slender central cusps with a slightly smaller cusp on each side; both dorsal fins with strong, grooved spines; 2nd dorsal fin larger than 1st, its base <2X 1st dorsal base, & with much larger spine; 1st dorsal origin over or behind inner pectoral margin, varies from closer to pectoral to closer to pelvic base; 2nd dorsal origin variable position above the pelvics; pectoral fins with short, rounded free rear tips; no anal fin; tail fin with long top lobe with weak subterminal notch, weakly developed lower lobe; tail base without pits above and below and without keels

Deepwater sharks in all three oceans; with 7 species, the only Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.