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Genus: Apristurus, Cat Sharks, Demon Cat Shark

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body soft, flabby
head flattened, broad; snout elongate
no crests above eyes
2 small Ds, at rear, no spines
D1 over pelvics
lip furrows very long
teeth: narrow triangles + side cusps
A larger than pelvics or Ds



Body soft and flabby, with thin skin; body stocky, more of less compressed, deepest over pectoral and trunk; head broad, flattened, pointed and wedge shaped in side view; snout elongate, usually longer than mouth; skull without crests above eyes; lip furrows very long, upper furrows extend forwards to level of front of mouth; teeth in center with 1 large narrow triangular cusp, bordered by a small cusp on each side, side teeth with smaller central cusp & more lateral cusps; nostrils large, with small, angular front flaps; eyes high on sides of head, with a crest below them; 5 gill slits, on sides of head; 2 dorsal fins small, at rear of body, without spines; origin of 1st dorsal over pelvics; origin of 2nd dorsal over ~middle of anal base; anal fin large, larger than pelvics or dorsals, elongate, separated from tail fin by a small notch; tail fin elongate, at least 1/5 of total length, top lobe with a subterminal notch, lower lobe weakly developed, top edge with or without a crest of denticles.

A circumglobal, temperate to tropical genus with at least 36 species; 4 in the Greater Caribbean.