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Genus: Polylepion, Candystriped Wrasse, Wrasse

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top jaw: 2 rear canines
D XI, 11
head scales to before eye
LL complete, curved
bases D & A: no scales





Body moderately slender, tapering at rear; head sharply pointed, forehead & snout profile ~straight ; mouth ~ horizontal, reaches to between front edge & center of eye, lower lip thick; top jaw with 2 (0-3) large rear canines; lower jaw with 1 (0-1) large rear canine, & 2 canines at front; dorsal fin XI, 11; anal fin III, 11-12; pectoral rays II, 17-19; lateral line complete, high near upper body profile then curving smoothly down under the soft dorsal; lateral line scales 48-52; no scales on bases of dorsal and anal fins; scales extent forwards from dorsal fin along nape to between front edge of eyes and before front nostril; sides of head partly scaled.

A Pacific and West Atlantic genus with three species, 1endemic to the Greater Caribbean.