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Genus: Zenion, Dwarf Dory, Elongate Dories

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head bones thin, soft
eye v large
mouth large, oblique, v protrusible
pectoral v short
D VI-VII, 25-32; A I (weak), 23-28
pelvics I, 6, > pectorals





Body oblong, strongly compressed; eye large (33-50% head length); head bones thin and soft; mouth large, oblique, lower jaw projecting, top jaw highly protrusible; teeth on jaws few, minute, conical, none on roof of mouth; dorsal fin VI-VII, 25-31; anal fin I (weak), 23-28; tail fin 11 branched rays; rays of other fins unbranched; pectoral 15-17, much shorter than head; pelvics I (slender), 6; fins widely separated and much longer than pectorals; scales minute.

Worldwide in tropical and temperate areas, 3 species, one circumglobal species in the area.