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Genus: Lepidopus, Crested Scabbardfish, Scabbardfish

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head long, + nape crest
eye large, high on head
D no notch, VII-X weak spines
C small, forked
pelvic tiny, I, 1-2



Body elongate, compressed; head length 1/7 of TL, upper profile slight concave to slightly convex, gently rising from snout to dorsal fin; any top crest on nape only; eyes large, high on side of head, near top profile; lower jaw projecting; tips of both jaws with a skin process; front of top and bottom jaws with 3-6 pairs of fangs, smaller teeth on sides; dorsal fin with VII-X weak spines that are similar to rays, no notch between spines and rays; anal fin with 1st spine rudimentary, 2nd moderate to strong; pectorals 12, triangular, top rays shorter; pelvics with 1 small spine like a scale, 2 tiny soft rays; tail fin present, forked; lateral line slowly descends from gill opening to mid-side.

A worldwide genus with 6 species; one in the Greater Caribbean.