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Genus: Evoxymetopon, Channel Scabbardfish, Scabbardfish

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crest over eye to nape, head profile steep
eye not large, on side
D no notch, 81-93 elements, 1st spine not elongate
C small, forked
pelvic = I, 0, like a scale



Body elongate, deep, strongly compressed; head length <10% of TL; upper profile of head convex, rising steeply from tip of snout to dorsal-fin origin, with a prominent longitudinal crest on nape; eye moderate sized, on mid-side of head; rear end of gill cover broadly rounded; dorsal fin elements 81-93; no notch between spines and rays; 1st  anal-fin spine scale-like in shape; pelvic fins present, scale-like; small caudal fin.

A Pantropical genus with 4 species; one Atlantic-Pacific species in the Greater Caribbean.