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Genus: Diplospinus, Escolar, Striped Escolar Snake Mackerel

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v elongate
D > 60 spines + rays
1 LL
anus midway between snout & C



Body extremely elongate and compressed; anus midway between tip of snout and tip of tail fin, a head-length in front of anal spines; head ~17% SL, mouth long, lower jaw projecting; tip of top jaw with a conical skin knob; top jaws with 3 pairs of fixed fangs and 3-4 pairs of movable fangs at front; lower jaws with 1 pair fixed fangs at front; dorsal fin XXX-XXXVI + 35-44, base of 2nd dorsal half that of 1st dorsal; anal fin with II free spines, 28-35; pectoral short, round, 11-13; pelvic fins reduced to a tiny spine, under base of pectoral; tail fin small, forked; 1 lateral line, curves gently down and runs along close to ventral body profile rearwards of the center of the 1st dorsal fin.

A genus with one, circumtropical species.