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Genus: Engraulis, Anchovetas, Anchovies, Silver Anchovy

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top jaw to front edge preoperculum
body elongate, oval
gill rakers < 46
long gill branch under operculum
A short base, origin behind D base



Body elongated, rounded; snout prominent conical, projecting; rear of the mouth extends well behind the eye; lower jaw suspended below head; top jaw moderate, reaching at most to front margin of preoperculum, with pointed tip; fine teeth on lower jaw; gill filament on body under gill cover large, longer than eye, reaching onto inner surface of gill cover; membrane under throat between gill covers not expanded at rear; gill rakers fine and slender, 27-45 lower rakers, dorsal fin origin in mid-body; anal fin short (iii, 13-20), origin behind dorsal fin base; pelvics well behind pectorals, before dorsal fin base.

A circumtropical to warm temperate genus, with 8 species; 1 west Atlantic species in our region.