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Genus: Cetengraulis, Anchoveta Anchovy, Anchovetas

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top jaw not to edge preoperculum
gill rakers > 45
wide, long membrane under operculum
A long base, origin under rear 1/3 D



Moderate sized, strongly compressed; a prominent conical, sharply pointed, projecting snout; rear of the mouth extends well behind the eye; lower jaw suspended below head; top jaw short, not extending beyond front edge of preoperculum; no teeth on lower jaw; gill rakers fine and numerous, >45 lower rakers; gill membranes broadly joined under gills; dorsal fin origin at about midbody; anal fin base of moderate length (17-24 rays), origin under last 1/3 of dorsal; pelvics well behind pectorals, before dorsal fin base.

A new world genus with two species, one west Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.