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Genus: Regalecus, Oarfish, Oarfishes

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extremely elongate, very compressed = giant ribbon
D very long (top of head to tail tip), front rays = 2 long crests
no scales except tubular LL scales
eye small, no teeth
A&C absent in adult
pelvics: 1 very long ray





Body extremely elongate, strongly compressed, a giant ribbon; mouth with protrusible top jaw, maxilla broad; teeth on both jaws usually absent, minute and widely spaced if present; dorsal fin very long (~400 rays in fish with a complete tail), from top of head almost to tail tip, front rays form 2 crests up to 1m or more long; anal fin absent; pelvics with one, highly elongate ray, reaching to vent; tail fin usually absent in adults, with 3-4 rays in juveniles, the middle 3 robust and elongate; scales absent, except for tubular lateral line scales; body with 6-7 longitudinal rows of tubercles of various sizes.

A worldwide genus with two species; one in the West Atlantic, the other in the east Pacific.