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Genus: Mitsukurina, Goblin Shark

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body soft, flabby, pink
snout = very long, flat blade
C long, no lower lobe
jaws protrusible
teeth: 1 long, slender point





A large shark; body compressed, slender, very soft and flabby; head nearly as long as the body trunk; snout greatly elongated, flattened, blade–like; eyes small; mouth large, broadly arched, with highly protrusible jaws; teeth large, front and side teeth very slender with one cusp, similar in both jaws, 35 - 53 upper, 31 - 62 lower; gill slits short, all before pectoral base, gill filaments partially exposed; dorsal fins small, rounded, similar size, smaller than pelvic and anal fins; pectoral fins small, broadly rounded; pelvic fins large; tail base compressed, without keels pits before tail fin; tail fin long, top margin elongate but <1/2 body length, no lower lobe; skin denticles small, with erect, narrow, spike–like cusps and ridges; cusps of lateral denticles pointing perpendicular to surface of skin making it rough; uniform pinkish– white, with bluish fins.

One species, in all three oceans; present in the Greater Caribbean.