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Genus: Carcharodon, White Shark

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snout cónical
D1 origin over pectoral margin
tail base 1 keel
teeth triangular, serrated



Fusiform, robust body; snout conical, blunt, with nostrils on sides; mouth large, round; teeth few, sharp, triangular, serrated on top jaw; 5 large gill slits, all before pectoral fin; first dorsal fin large, triangular, origin over rear of base of pectoral fin; second dorsal fin very small; anal fin very small, origin under rear of base of second dorsal fin; tail almost symmetrical, half-moon shaped; tail base very depressed, with large keel that extends onto tail itself.

The genus has a single circumglobal species that occurs in subtropical and temperate waters, and enters the northern portions of the region.