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Genus: Sarotherodon, Brushtooth Tilapia Cichlid, Brushtooth Tilapias

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D no notch
LL 27-32
chest & flank scales ~size
teeth fine, close set, in bands, outer row movable
toothed throat plate longer than wide
lower gill rakers 12-27
genital papilla small, simple



Body an elongate oblong; wide between the eyes; 1 pair of nostrils; mouth small, not reaching under eye; top jaw highly protrusible; teeth fine, close set, in several rows on jaws, outer row readily movable; toothed throat apparatus: lower plate distinctly longer than wide, bottom keel considerably longer than depth of triangular toothed surface, with fine teeth, those with 1-2 points; gill rakers simple, lower rakers 12-27; intestine long and coiled, at least 4 x SL; one dorsal fin XIV-XVIII, without a notch between spines and rays, 9-12; anal fin III, 9-12; lateral line in 2 straight overlapping sections, with 27-32 large scales; scales between pectoral and pelvic fins grade gradually in size with slightly larger flank scales; juveniles but not adults with a dark spot on base of front dorsal fin soft rays; genital papilla of both sexes small and simple; sex differences in color not marked; male &/or female mouthbrooders.

A west African genus with 10 species, 1 introduced to the Americas.