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Genus: Steindachneria, Luminous Hake

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body tapers to long thin point
D1 short base, high
D2 long base, low
no C
all lower head & body: luminous tissue
anus between pelvics
A: similar form to Ds





A medium sized fish (to ~30 cm); elongate, rounded body tapering to a long, thin point; eye large; gill openings wide, extending above pectoral fins; mouth large, extends to under center of eye, opens at front; no chin barbell; 2 dorsal fins, 1st short based and triangular I, 7-9, spine with a long filament, second long based, extends to end of tail, 123+ rays; anal fin long base, deeply notched, with high short-based front section with 10-12 rays, and a very low long-based rear section with 109-111 rays that extends to end of tail; pelvic fins small, each of 8 rays, under base of pectorals, 1st ray elongate; no tail fin; anus between bases of pelvic fins; scales small, smooth; lateral line complete; luminous tissue over entire lower surface of body and head, on pectoral bases and operculum, this marked by bars.

This genus has a single species, restricted to the W Atlantic.