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Genus: Symphysanodon, Bunquelovelies, Bunquelovely Bass, Slopefishes

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D IX, 10, no notch
head & jaws scaled
lower front teeth enlarged, exposed, fit into top-jaw notch
bone under eye partly covers top jaw bone
operculum 2 spines



Body slender to moderately deep, somewhat compressed; eye large; snout shorter than eye; mouth oblique, opens at front; top edge of rear bone of top jaw covered by thin bone under eye; top jaw teeth small; front teeth of lower jaw enlarged, exposed, fitting into central toothless notch of top jaws; no teeth on center and, usually, sides of roof of mouth; operculum with 2 spines; gill rakers 34-42; dorsal fin continuous, usually IX, 10, no notch between spines and rays; tail fin deeply forked; anal fin III, 7-8; pelvics inserted under pectoral base, I, 5; scales rough; most of head & jaws scaled; dorsal and anal fins without scales, but with a basal scaly sheath.

A pantropical genus, containing about 10 species; two species in the Greater Caribbean, one entering shallow water.