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Genus: Lophius, Anglerfishes, Goosefish, Goosefishes

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bony ridge on snout rough & spiny
D III + III, 9-12; A 8-11; pectoral 22-28
gill opening all behind pectoral



Head and front of body flattened, broad, body narrowing behind; ridge from top of eye to snout rough, with knobs, spines or ridges; bone behind eye with 2-3 spines; mouth broad, with many long, sharp teeth; gill opening large, opens entirely behind pectoral base; dorsal fin consists of III isolated spines on head (1st spine acts as a fishing pole, with a lure), several spines joined by membrane above pectoral fin and a soft fin (9-12 rays) behind, on rear of body; anal fin 8-11; pectoral fin 22-28.

A circumtropical genus with about 7 species. Two NW Atlantic species enter shallow water in the northern fringe of the Greater Caribbean.