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Genus: Enchelyopus, Rockling, Rocklings

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front nostril - long barbel
snout - central barbel
3 Ds: long ray + low ridge + long-based low fin
chin - 1 barbel





Body cylindrical, elongate, tapering to the tail base; mouth slightly under snout, lower jaw shorter than upper; a barbell at each front nostril, 1 on tip of snout and 1 on chin; dorsal fin in 3 parts: a single long ray above end of operculum, a low fleshy ridge of very short rays in a shallow groove, a long-based section with 45-52 segmented rays; 1 anal fin, long based; pectorals well developed; tail fin well developed, rounded; pelvics under edge of operculum, non-filamentous, short, with 5-7 rays.

The genus contains a single north Atlantic species, found in our area.