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Genus: Scophthalmus, Turbot, Windowpanes

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D front rays free, branched
mouth large, asymmetrical lower jaw prominent
both pelvics - long bases, origin under eye, eye side fin origin 1st, not connected to A
LL - both sides, arched over pectoral



Body a deep rhomboid; eyes large, on left side of the body; edge of preopercle exposed and easily visible; mouth large, asymmetrical, lower jaw prominent; teeth equally developed on both jaws, small, in bands; dorsal fin originates ahead of eye, its anterior rays branched; dorsal and anal fins with numerous segmented rays, separated from tail fin; most fin rays branched; both pectorals and both pelvics present; both pelvic fins with long bases, eye side fin base close to body midline, origin well forward under eye, eye side fin origin 1-2 rays before blind side fin origin, not connected to anal fin; lateral line equally developed on both sides of body, strongly arched above the pectoral; urinary papilla on eye side.

A genus with 2 species.