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Genus: Pterengraulis, Wingfin Anchovy

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top jaw, just reaches lower jaw articulation
D origin behind A origin
base of gill arches with teeth
12-14 gill rakers
pectorals long
A long base



Elongate, body depth 22-28% of SL; a prominent conical, projecting snout; rear of the mouth extends well behind the eye; lower jaw suspended below head; top jaw bluntly rounded, almost to or to lower jaw articulation; teeth on jaws short and even; hyoid bones at base of gill arches with small patches of teeth; lower gill rakers 12-14; dorsal fin short, far back on body; anal fin with long base, 28-32 branched rays, origin just before dorsal fin origin; pectoral fins large and long, reaching past pelvic base; pelvics well behind pectorals, before dorsal fin base.

A genus with a single species restricted to the Atlantic coast of northern S America.