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Genus: Etelis, Queen Snapper, Snappers

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elongate, fusiform
flat between eyes
D X, 11, deep notch
soft D & A not scaled, last ray elongate
top jaw scaled



Elongate, fusiform; space between eyes flattened; top jaw moderately protrusible, slips under cheek bone for most of its length when mouth is closed; jaw teeth small, conical, frequently 1-2 pairs of canines at front; front and sides of roof of mouth with small conical teeth; tooth patch on roof of mouth V shaped; dorsal fin X, 11 (rarely 10), deeply notched between spines and rays; anal fin III, 8; last dorsal and anal fin rays longer than rays before them; pectorals long and pointed, slightly <head, 15-17 rays; tail deeply forked; scales medium sized, 47-53 on lateral line; body, cheek and operculum scaly; snout, below eye and lower jaw scale-less; top jaw scaled; dorsal and anal fins scaleless.

A genus with 4 species, from the tropical Atlantic and Indo-Central Pacific; one W Atlantic species in our area.