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Genus: Lamna, Porbeagle, Porbeagle Shark, Salmon Sharks

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snout conical
D1 origin over pectoral base
tail base 2 keels
teeth smooth, small point each side





Fusiform, very stout body; snout conical, moderately long, with nostrils on sides; eye large, round; spiracle tiny; mouth long, arched; teeth few, sharp, similar on both jaws, ~straight narrow triangles, smooth, with a small secondary point on base at each side; 5 long gill slits, all before pectoral fin; first dorsal fin large, rounded tip, origin over or just behind rear of base of pectoral fin; second dorsal fin very small; anal fin very small, origin under origin of second dorsal fin; pectoral moderately long, with rounded tip; tail base very flattened, with 2 keels, a large central one that extends onto tail fin and a small one below at end of tail base; tail fin asymmetrical, half-moon shaped, large lower lobe.

This genus of temperate water sharks has 2 species; one enters the northern fringe of our area.