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Genus: Pimelodus, Bloch's Long-whisker catfish, Catfish

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eye not low
D all before A, strong spine
adipose D ~= A
roof mouth: no teeth
A short base





Body elongate, rounded; snout and head depressed; head with a bony shield; front and rear nostrils well separated; eye large (~1/2 snout length), on upper side of head; rear nostril without a flap along its front edge; mouth at front or under snout; no teeth on sides of roof of mouth; 3 pairs of barbels; 1st dorsal fin large, with short base, 1st spine short, 2nd spine long and pungent, fin entirely before anal fin base; large skin flap 2nd dorsal fin present; anal fin base not longer than 2nd dorsal base; pectoral and dorsal spines present; pectoral fin very low on side; lateral line complete, straight; scaleless.

A genus of S American freshwater catfishes with 26 species; one in brackish water at the SE edge of our region.