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Genus: Promethichthys, Escolar, Roudi Escolar Snake Mackerel

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elongate, compressed
long head; large eye; top fangs
D XVII-XVIII, deep notch, long base
D & A 2 finlets behind
no pelvics
A no free spines
1 LL, curves down over pectoral



Moderately elongate, compressed; head long, pointed, top profile straight; eye large; mouth large, horizontal, opens at front, lower jaw projects; teeth large, conical, large fangs at front top jaw; dorsal fin with long base, XVII-XVIII, a deep notch between 2 parts, 2 finlets after; anal II without free spines at front, 2 finlets at end; pelvics absent in adults, a single tiny spine in juveniles; tail forked; 1 lateral line, abruptly bends down above rear part of pectoral fin; large fish with body entirely scaled.

This genus has a single species that is found in all oceans, and in our area.