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Genus: Dysomma, Arrowtooth Cutthroat Eel, Arrowtooth Eels, Mustard Eels

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snout, long, fleshy, + papillae, overhangs
LL complete
+/- pectorals
gill openings low
anus under/near pectoral



Body stout to elongate; anus far forward, from just behind pectoral tip to under gill slits; snout elongate, fleshy, covered with folds and papillae, overhanging; eye well developed; front nostril tubular, rear nostril on side of snout at or below mid-eye level; mouth large, gape extending well behind eye, lower jaw shorter than upper; teeth usually small and conical, 1-several rows on jaws; 1 row of 4-5 large compound teeth on roof of mouth; never with large fangs; gill openings low on body, separate, below pectorals when those fins are present; dorsal and anal fins well developed, confluent with tail fin, dorsal origin far forward, from before to a little behind gill opening; pectorals present or absent; scales absent; lateral line complete.

An Atlantic/Indo-W Pacific genus with 12 species; 3 species in our area, 1 worldwide species in shallow water.