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Genus: Coptodon, Tilapia Cichlid, Tilapias

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flank - 6-8 dark bars, some Y shape
D no notch, dark spot at front base
teeth stout, non-spatulate
toothed throat plate as wide as long



Body an elongate oblong; 1 pair of nostrils; top jaw highly protrusible; upper and lower outer teeth rows bicuspid in both jaws, inner rows with smaller tricuspid teeth in both jaws; teeth stout, non-spatulate; toothed throat apparatus: lower plate broadly triangular, as wide as long, bottom keel shorter than depth of triangular toothed surface, rear teeth with 2-4 points; gill rakers simple, 10-17; one dorsal fin XIII-XVII, without a notch between spines and rays; anal fin III; lateral line in 2 straight overlapping sections, with 23-29 large lateral scales; 6–8 vertical bars on flanks (when distinct), some, or all of them are branched (Y-shaped) close to dorsal fin; juveniles and adults with a dark spot on base of front dorsal fin soft rays.

An African genus of freshwater fishes with at least 30 species. Two that enter brackish water have been introduced to our area.