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Genus: Hemichromis, Jewelfishes

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much red coloring
3 black blotches: opercle, mid-body, tail base
LL scales 25-30
throat mill: lower bone triangular, center teeth molars, rear edge 16-34 teeth



Body elongate, oblong to ovoid, compressed; 1 pair of nostrils; no bony shelf under eye; top jaw protractile; each jaw with 1 (2 in one species) complete row of  teeth with a single point; top jaw with incomplete inner row of teeth; lower gill rakers 6-9;  throat mill:  lower bone triangular, 16-34 teeth along its rear edge,  central teeth enlarged molars;  dorsal fin  XIII-XV, 9-13 ; anal fin III (rarely IV), 7-11; end of tail fin rounded; pelvics under pectoral fin base; scales smooth, 25-30 on lateral line that is in 2 straight sections;  color pattern includes large areas of red on head and body, a conspicuous black blotch on top rear corner of opercle,  usually another on mid-flank, sometimes a smaller one at end of tail base.

A genus of African freshwater fishes with 10 species; one introduced to Florida.