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Genus: Rhynchoconger, Conger Eels, Whiptail Conger Eel

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snout large, cónical, strongly overhanging
D origin before pectoral
tail tapers to point
teeth exposed under snout
center roof mouth several rows teeth
pectoral base ends above gill opening



Elongate; tail much greater than half TL; tail slender, narrowing to a point; snout strongly projecting, with fleshy keel along underside of tip; front nostril tubular, near lower front of snout; rear nostril an oval hole before about mid-eye; top and bottom lips with flanges, larger on lower jaws; teeth small, conical, a patch of teeth under snout outside mouth when closed; patch of several rows of teeth on center front of roof of mouth round to slightly elongate; dorsal fin begins over or a little before pectoral base; pectoral well developed, its base ends above gill opening; dorsal and anal fins continuous with the tail fin; a complete lateral line, pores along upper jaw small.

A circumtropical genus with 6 species; 3 in our area (1 W Atlantic and 2 endemic).