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Genus: Sicydium, Stonebiting Goby, American Rock-Climbing Gobies, Stone-Biting Gobies

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mouth under snout, opens down, thick lips
top teeth: long, curve at right angle
pelvics: oval disc fused to belly by membrane





Elongate; head blunt, somewhat depressed; mouth opening angled downwards, overhung by snout, with thick lips; top teeth elongate, widely spaced, with tip curved, flattened and facing forwards, in 1-2 rows; lower teeth canine-like or conical, in a single row; dorsal and anal fins separate from tail fin; two dorsal fins; pelvic fins united in a broad oval disc that is mostly fused to belly by membrane; lateral scales mostly rough, upper and lower scales smooth; scales small; head, breast, pectoral base and, sometimes, belly scaleless.

A neotropical genus of freshwater gobies with 16 species. One enters brackish-water in the Greater Caribbean.