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Genus: Pseudogilbia, Brotulas, San Blas Brotula

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eyes large
cheek scaled
lower rear corner top jaw - knob
preoperculum - 1 lower pore
opercular spine visible
male sex organ - 2 pairs large, equal-sized claspers



Body elongate, compressed, decreasing to slender tail base; head large, deep; front nostril is immediately above the top lip; eyes large, narrow between eyes (<7% of SL); top jaw bone expanded vertically at rear, with a knob at lower rear corner; jaw teeth pointed, in bands; preopercle with 1 pore at lower rear corner; opercle with 1 flat spine at upper angle; 3 long gill rakers; no central tooth patch at bottom of gill arches; pelvic fin = 1 short filament, inserted under edge of gill cover; pectoral fin <16% of SL; dorsal and anal fins separate from tail; lateral line indistinct, continuous, complete; scales small, imbedded, covering body, a broad scale patch on cheek; male sex organ with 2 pairs of pseudoclaspers, ~equal sized, very large, inner one like a forward pointing hook.

A genus with one known species that is endemic to the Greater Caribbean.