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Genus: Parahollardia, Spikefish

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2 rows teeth
pelvis rounded, narrow, not tapering
D origin before gill opening



Body deep, slightly compressed; mouth small, opens at front; snout short, (~1/3 of head); teeth conical, 2 series on each jaw, 2-4 (1-10) irregularly arranged teeth inside regular outer row; gill opening a short vertical slit before pectoral base; dorsal fin origin usually before top edge of pectoral base; VI dorsal spines, the first long and strong, decreasing in size to rear, spines can be locked upright; fin rays branched; pelvic fin with a large spine and 1 inconspicuous ray; ventral surface of scale-covered part of pelvis triangular; skin thick, rough, covered with numerous small scales, each with tiny spines.

A genus with 2 NW Atlantic species.