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Genus: Paraconger, Conger Eels, Margintail Conger Eel

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snout length ~eye
D origin over pectoral
tail tip stiff
flanges on both lips, hollow behind top flange not divided
pectoral base within limits of gill opening



Body stout, ~cylindrical; tail > 50% TL; snout rounded, tapered; eye large (~snout length); flanges on lips on sides of both jaws; hollow behind top flange not divided; front nostril tubular, near tip of snout, points forward & to side, with small pore behind; rear nostril a hole or tube before and slightly below center of eye, with small pore above; jaw teeth - 2 irregular rows above with a squarish patch in center, 1-2 rows at rear of lower jaw; outer row of jaw teeth compressed, in contact at bases, forming cutting edge; dorsal origin over pectoral fin; pectoral fin well developed, top of gill opening above top of pectoral fin base; dorsal and anal fins continuous with the short tail fin at stiff tip of tail; a complete lateral line.

This tropical to warm temperate genus, with ~7 species, occurs in the east and west Atlantic; the Greater Caribbean contains ~3 species, 1 endemic in shallow water.